No need to compromise comfort for style.

Sizing with the Yesdress.

Size 1- Fit from a size 0 to a 12 very comfortably.
Size 2 – Fit for size 14-26.
The “Venus” Style is an amazing dress all on its own and is for ANY size body. You will have to include measurements with your purchase, as each one is just for you to ensure a custom fit you will love.

Care for your Yesdress is simple!
You can wash in your normal washing machine. We highly recommend is using the laundry bag provided to ensure the straps of the dress to not tangle.

Wash separately with like-colored garments.
Drying – Give your Yesdress a tumble on medium to medium-high heat.

*This is a hand-dyed fabric and colors may leave residue for a wash or two as the material is getting accustomed to the detergent used.*

What is the amazing fabric?
The fabric is 95% rayon and 5% spandex. Your fabrics are created in the US and hand dyed in small batches locally at the Yedress facility/home.

After thousands of hourse of hand selecting fabrics and product testing to make the perfect Yesdress for you. We have found that this specials and exclusive blend of rayon and spandex drapes perfectly on body types of all shapes and sizes.


We do not offer refunds at this time.
We are happy to exchange for a different size. 

Will my Yesdress wrinkle?
Just like your favorite vintage t-shirts, your Yesdress will drape and all wrinkles fall out in minutes.
Why is my Yesdress more than one shade of color?
Each of our handmade items is lovingly hand dyed in small batches. Each small batch has varying tones of the dye, showing the human connection to each piece.
What comes to me when I order my Yesdress
When you order your Yesdress you not only get the amazing product that is the Yesdress, you receive:

  • Your Yesdress
  • Mesh Laundry Bag, for ease of care, even when traveling
  • Reusable storage box to keep your Yesdress looking fabulous for years to come.
  • A brochure, telling you about the amazing things that the Yesdress can do for you and the planet.
  • Coupon codes to use and share with your friends
  • 24/7 access to our Gallery, full of inspiring photos leading to directions on “How to tie” each style.
  • A Community of fashion-forward humans there to explore the body positive Journey with you!
Have I seen this before?
The Yesdress is the modern, and well-engineered version of the “convertible dress” concept we have all seen and love. This is our own original design, made with the perfect material, sewn of the best machine, with the finest stitch type to bring you the most engineered simplistic product to the high fashion market. No more frustration or chaffing to look good, with the Yesdress, you will be clothed in comfort and style.
Try it out, we just know you will fall in love.
How is pricing determined?
Here at the Yesdress we pride ourselves on bringing you the utmost quality. Our family also believes that clothing should be comfortable, versatile, and built to last. We employ American people and we believe our people deserve a thrive-able living.
Where a can I find my Yesdress?
The Yesdress is available here through our website.
You can also find us on Amazon Handmade by searching “The Yesdress”
How do I wear my Yesdress
Click here for different styles that match any occassion or with any bra type

You dress can fit any occasion with any undergarment and still beautifully flatter.

What kind of undergarment works best?
Whichever is most comfortable for you. Here at the Yesdress we believe that comfort and beauty go hand and hand. You can checkout styles here that work with different types of undergarments.
Why is there a column in your Logo?
Because we believe this dress is a foundational piece in your wardrobe.

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