NOVA Birth Services consists of a team of six birth professionals that came together in 2009 to offer top-notched, personalized care to their clients. Their business started from word of mouth and has grown to be the leading birth service offered in the Washington Metro area. If you have thought of how you would like your birth to be, NOVA Birth Services has too, and is more than willing to help you in your vision of a happy, healthy childbirth.

Labor/Postpartum Support and Placenta Services

Offering services to mothers in their time of pregnancy, labor and postpartum, NOVA Birth Services is proudly serving the greater areas of Norther Virginia, Washington D.C. and Maryland. Throughout these areas, they display an assortment of services from pre to post birth for new and existing mothers to choose from. Their doula team is centred around the support a mother needs through the transitions of pregnancy to childbirth and beyond. They have a wonderful team of doulas and specialists to surround and support the pregnant mother with education and confidence in her birthing experience. Labor and Postpartum support is kindly offered, as well as water-birth pool rentals and belly binding. There isn’t much this team of ladies haven’t thought of in their hearts of loving and caring for the mommies that come to them in their special season of life.

Classes Offered at NOVA Birth Services

To prepare mothers for the pains of labor as well as the adjustments to postpartum, NOVA Birth Services offers a plethora of classes for mothers to attend. A “Birth Options” course is available for women to learn the different avenues that can be taken in child birth, as well as a an “Infant Care/Labor Review” course that can be taken on a weekend to prepare families for the first few hours of a child’s life and what to expect/how to manage. They also offer a handful of “hypno” technique classes for not only birthing, but postpartum as well. The ladies at NOVA have thought of just about everything to offer their clients in their journey into motherhood. Along with their services and classes offered, there is also a wonderful blog that answers many of the small questions pregnant mothers may have as well as the debunking of pregnancy myths/ideas.

Store Products and Services

From one on one breastfeeding consultations to “Breastfeeding 101”, there is a variety of packages mothers can choose from in their store. Belly Binding classes can be bought, as well as consultations and care classes they offer. Soon to be offered in their store as well is the Yesdress, a perfect option for a labor garment and a pregnancy/breastfeeding dress. All the needs of a pregnant mother have been thought thoroughly through and are offered by the doulas and specialists at NOVA Birth Services.

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