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I have done more than my fair share of traveling for business and on occasion even pleasure. In my life I have had to be a little bit of everything, and sometimes at the drop of a hat. So here it is! My ace in the hole, my secret weapon for always being welcome!
Step one is get yourself a decent sized handbag.

1. A Pair of comfortable Nude Flats

Get yourself the perfect pair of nude flats, the kind that feel like you are wearing nothing at all. No matter whether you are trying to dress up from sneakers after the gym or down from heels at the end of  along work day, a nice little nude shoe is perfectly simple for any occasion.

2. Black Tights

A pair of black tights can keep you warm in the winter or be the perfect relief from that pair of office slacks you have been stuck in all day. They are also great for covering up legs that may not have had the chance to shave this morning, while still showing off all of those curves.

3. Pair of Stockings

I always have a pair of nude colored stockings on me just in case. Even if I am wearing shorts in the summer and I am between waxes, I can throw on my stockings and my little nude flats and I am camera ready! They also are perfect for taking the breeze off of the legs while remaining just the right amount of scandalous, adding sheen to the legs. Not to mention a pair of stockings and the pair of tights together make for a great DIY Spanks for a smooth figure in a pinch.

4. Lip Gloss

I know it seems cliché but truly, a shiny lip moisturizer can be a life and photo saver when time is of the essence. I use it to give my lips that added shine and in the right moment even to shine right under my brow line.

5. Face Wipes

Not only are these great in general to remind you to care for your face, BUT they are wonderful for so many reasons. When you are caught in a rain and your makeup is ruined, even if you do not have the touch up make up with you, you can at least go back to your beautiful self without the terrible raccoon eye bleeding down your face like a Dali painting.  I also use them after the gym to freshen up if I have to be ready to meet and greet. They are great for spills with kids and messy adults as well.

6. Bobby Pins

Breaking and entering as well as fixing any length hair, bobby pins have to many uses to list. I will just leave it to you always should have a small handful ready to rock in that practically tactical bag of yours.

7. A small square silk scarf

A black or white, your choice, silk scarf that is very thin. This will allow you to keep messy hair at bay in a cute fashion, keep bangs that are untamed back and out of sight. Use it around your neck to make a lower cut shirt more family friendly in a pinch. Tie your hair back in a ponytail or bun with a cute fabric addition.  I have even used them as chokers and wrist ties, sort of like it’s own bracelet. I use scarves for so many different uses and I am sure you will come up with your very own.

8. Pair of earrings

Find yourself a very nice simple pair of earrings with a nice neutrality to them. Pearls, diamonds, just a gold or platinum ball is great too. All we are looking for here is that in a moments notice being able to dress up for any ball or dressed down from the dangling, lavish jewels from an evening out.

9. Bracelet

I recommend a bangle bracelet or a few simple silver families or gold family colored bracelets just to add a nice pop. I think if you really want a doubleheader you would go for the bracelet banded watch. This gives you a nice bracelet and an elegant wrist watch for always being on time even if your cell phone loses all its juice.

10.Clear Nail Polish

This stuff is magic, it really can fix a bad day and make it all ok. It stops runs in stockings and any knit fabric saving a possible disaster. It can shine up dull nails and even save a chip when you half rip your nail up but would like to keep your length, paint the clear on both sides on the inside of the damage then wait until sticky and press together and your nail will stay for a few coats to be applied to keep it strong until it grows out.

11. A Hardcover Book

This is a great way at an interview to not look like you are just going to be sitting on your phone for hours when you are hired. Shows a level of intelligence and also keep people from chatting you up on the subway. My favorite use for hardcover books is when you are going through crowded spaces, especially when I have a more open bag, I hold the book so it is sideways creating a barrier from peoples bumping and pressing all over me. It has also prevented a pickpocketer or two on the train.

12. Roll of quarters

This is a great thing to take especially on travel. In its whole roll form they can be great to help you stretch after long plane and car rides. I use mine as a mini weight, even if the airline keeps my bags I can have a decent evening in the meanwhile. Quarters can also feed you or get you a drink in a hurry when there is sometimes no other option. And of course it always feels great to be the parking or toll  savior with your roll of quarters!

13. Reusable canteen

A water bottle that can be reused is of course the goal but a water bottle that can make it possible to drink literally anywhere you are in the world is the ideal and we know of just that bottle. Check this one out to learn all about how amazing it is!

14. Pen and Paper

I know it sounds basic but it can really be a life changer. I know it sounds old school but a handwritten note can be particularly classy. Leave notes for people that have otherwise have no other way to contact you. If you run by an executive’s office and leave a handwritten note under the door or in a mailbox, you are leaving an impression. I highly recommend the cleverly intriguing one liner with a reason to contact you further. This is almost like a “to be continued” for you what you have to offer the project.
Get that contact info even when your phone is dead. Convey your thoughts with a quick sketch instead of having to open 3 applications to draw “real quick” and then have your nail. Also, you can give notes to people, unlike your cell phone which, yes you can “share” these things on your electronics, sometimes, you don’t have the same control over your fingertip as you do a pen on paper. Okay…rant complete, for now. 😉

15. Rechargeable battery pack

If you recall the numerous times above where I mentioned the hypothetical “phone dying” incident? Well short of your phone literally dying and not being able to be revived, having this little gem will do wonders. A cell phone battery backup. You charge this before you go out and leave it in your bag, they tend to hold a charge for at least a 10 days for me with moderate use, and if you want to charge the phone completely from almost dead (1-2%) then it will charge the phone twice. Super handy and makes you a hero for all with the kind that offers all of the able options in one.

16. The Cocktail Length Yesdress

This little number is the easiest convertible dress I have found on the market! Not only is it user-friendly it can go from a skirt to a halter number in a flash. If you have not seen it, check out the ways to wear page! This can be the perfect addition to any outfit to dress up, cover up, or dress down, I swear I have a story for any occasion of how this dress saved my tail. (message me for more details)

17. A bottle of water

I know it sounds silly but having a bottle of water to hydrate is critical. Whether you are getting ready to pitch yourself, or just won’t have to spend the calories on that soda at lunch a bottle of water can truly be a day saver. Not to mention the fact that most Americans are chronically dehydrated.

18. Snacks, protein snacks

I always keep almonds mixed with craisin’s in my bag of tactics. Now I say this because it is better to keep you going all day to graze a bit. It is also better for your snacks to have a protein pack instead of just carbs and sugar. Whatever you keep, it is always good to have something if you are starving.
That sums it up, everything you could need to save the day, yours or someone else’s. Try it out and once you have your bag packed, “armed”, and ready to go you will feel unstoppable!

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