The first thing you say, when you enter the front or back door to Bride and Joy is “wow”. It is hard to explain Joy’s (owner of Bride and Joy) style of greenery, stained woods and artisan handwriting on windows and chalkboards. You just feel like you walked into a fairy world of creations that make you… enchanted. Now, to take it to the level of weddings and bridal parties… what fun! If you take a look at all the settings Joy has created as examples for tables, chairs, photos booths and everything you can possibly think of, you are immediately overwhelmed with all the beauty. Brides walk in those doors needing inspiration for their wedding and walk out with their brains filled with enchanting ideas and hopes for their weddings. That is just as it should be.

Joy’s idea for Bride and Joy is to create the settings and placements for brides to be able to take a look at, critique to their wants and needs and say “yes, I will rent you for a quarter of the price it would take to buy you”. That is what renting is all about; people rent what they only use once. So unless you are planning on having more than one wedding… it doesn’t make sense to buy. Not only do you get to rent the pieces and settings exactly the way you want them to look, Joy offers her professional services giving brides all the knowledge she has acquired on weddings including the “how to’s” and “don’t do’s” that first time brides don’t have a clue about.




Bride and Joy has been a work in progress for the last two years. It started off in a small space but as business grew bigger, Joy needed more room for her displays and gorgeousness, thus moving Bride and Joy to the warehouse on West Culpeper street in Culpeper. As most businesses over time get refined by all the tugs and pulls of needs, wants and demands, Bride and Joy has taken it’s biggest leap yet. Thanks to Joy, Culpeper now has a polished venue/event center, complete with tables, chairs and a built in bar.


Not only do brides have the option of ordering all their wedding essentials from Bride and Joy, now they can also choose to host their wedding parties, dinners and receptions at The Refinery as well.This growing business has been such a well needed feature to add to Culpeper and it’s inhabitants-cheers to Bride and Joy and the Refinery!

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